Highline Farms

Manhattan, IL

Situated on 17 scenic acres in Manhattan, IL, Highline Farms is a local gem that has mastered the art of small-scale, sustainable farming. The farm specializes in raising Suffolk Sheep, known for their quality wool and meat. Their pasture-raised chickens are another point of pride, embodying the farm's commitment to ethical and natural rearing practices. But when fall arrives, Highline Farms becomes a community hotspot thanks to their road-side pumpkin stand, a seasonal favorite that attracts locals and visitors alike. Whether it's the soft wool from their Suffolk Sheep, their pasture-raised poultry, or the perfect pumpkin to carve into a Jack-o'-Lantern, Highline Farms offers a slice of agrarian paradise, skillfully blending tradition and sustainability. 🐑🎃🐓

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