Ruhter Bison

Frankfort, Illinois

Ruhter Bison LLC is a family-owned and operated ranch dedicated to the conservation of land and wildlife. Our commitment to a healthy lifestyle is demonstrated by supplying quality grass-fed bison meat as a healthy alternative to more traditional sources of meat. All our bison are 100% pasture-raised and hormone/antibiotic-free. Environmental conservation and wildlife management are part of our family values with several family members even working in wildlife management, pasture, and crop science, environmental toxicology and water management. Our primary ranch, Prairie Rim Ranch, is located near Newman, IL and our secondary ranch, Pleasant Valley Ranch, is located near Woodstock, IL. Matt and Mary Ruhter live in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and sell meat at the Frankfort Country Market on Sundays in the spring and summer. Meat is also sold at the Urbana Market on the Square in downtown Urbana, IL.

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