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Real Food
from Happy Animals on Local Farms

Buy direct from local farmers. Pasture-Raised Eggs, Seasonal Produce, Fresh Microgreens, and more. Delivered free to your door.

Your Farmers

Our industrialized food system is really good at producing cheap and convenient food that rewards large corporations, but only gives 16% back to small farmers. Because of this, small farmers in America are facing extinction. These are the farmers that care about their soil, the welfare of their animals, and their communities.

We're on a mission to give the power back to the small farmers. To give them a fair share of the proceeds for their hard work, to save their way of life, and protect our future from the damaging effects of industrialized agriculture.

And it all starts with you. Every time you purchase from a small farmer you are voting for their healthier, more nutritious products, and contributing to a better tomorrow.

  • Kakadoodle Farm

    Frankfort, IL

    We moved to our farm in 2020 knowing absolutely nothing about farming. Now making it easier to buy local food than ever before with Kakadoodle. Offering free delivery to Frankfort, Mokena, New Lenox...

  • Stoub Family Farms

    Peotone, IL

    We are a small-scale, family run farm specializing in the sweetest corn you've ever tasted! Our focus has never been the profit, but instead the product.

  • Arise + Grow is a small family homestead in Monee that specializes in growing delicious and nutrient dense Microgreens. We also raise happy healthy chickens, ducks and Kune Kune pigs.

  • Sonas Farms

    Manteno, IL

    We raise food the way nature intended! We are passionate about healing the land, caring for happy livestock, feeding our community, and encouraging awareness between people and their food.

  • Raising5ArrowsFarm

    Cedar Lake, Indiana

    My name is Rachel, aka- the crazy plant lady. I love all things plants, from houseplants, to flowers, and gardening. We also keep chickens, quail, and ducks. Thank you for supporting my family!

  • We grow all of our produce the way that nature intended - with minimal tillage, lots of organic matter, and diverse crop groupings. We encourage beneficial birds and insects rather than relying on ha...

  • Bee Life

    Frankfort, Il

    We provide Honey that is a product of the USA the honey harvest and production will range from Will County Illinois to other areas within the USA.

We were beyond excited to get our eggs today from Kakadoodle Farm!! The eggs were gorgeous, the colors were beautiful, they tasted delicious, the kids were amazed and ecstatic... yes over eggs, I know! We cannot wait to get some more.

Kristen McHugh